Our team will not ask for any important personal information from you. Never give out your password or any other important information to others! Feel free to inquire with our team if you’re more curious about how these rewards work!

Note that we have removed any ability to donate to the server. Previously before, we had reiled upon donations but currently, we are running fairly smoothly due to the team having a more consistent income. This page has not been updated in awhile due to the numerous new blocks and mechanics that have been added to the mainline verison of the game. If you would like to do something for the server, please reach out to us and give us a suggestion!

Please note that you do NOT have to contribute in order to receive these rewards. You can trade your own diamonds, as per the table below, in order to receive the same rewards.

Exchange Amount: 1
/ $1
/ $5
/ $10
/ $25
Building Material/Rare Item Stacks of Standard Building Blocks Stack of Rarer Building Material 16 Name Tags and 2 Spawn Eggs of Choice
Mob Horse 3 Spawn Eggs for Overworld Mobs only Custom Overworld Mob Spawner
Claim 500 Blocks 2625 Blocks 5500 Blocks 31500 Blocks
Armours and Enchants Enchanted Iron Armour (Low Level) Choice of Enchanted Book 3 Pieces of Choice - Max Enchant Tool/Armor Hyper Enchant
Armours and Enchants II Diamond Sword and Pickaxe Diamond Armour Max Enchanted Bow and Sword The Ultimate Set (Max Enchanted Diamond Armour, Sword, Bow and Tools)
Cosmetic Name and Text Change Nickname Colored Name Colored Name and Text Unlimited Name, Color, and Text Change (once a week)
In-Game Flying 30 Minutes 2 Hours Full Day of Flying(24 Hours)
Tools Set of Iron Tools Set of Diamond Tools(Low Enchantment)

Contribution Instructions

Please make sure you follow these instructions as to make sure that everything goes smoothly!
    1. Please click the Paypal contribution link down below.
    2. Choose the amount you would like to contribute and fill out the information as desired.
    3. After finishing with Paypal, please fill out the Contributor's Form below to completely so we can double check.
    4. When you are done with the form, please be patient as our team will double check all the information and our moderator team will get to you!
If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at xenecraft@gmail.com or message us directly on other Social Media!