Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
We’ve just updated the server to the most recent version 14.4, as you can see in the sidebar. With people expressing interesting in playing once again, plus the release of many major fixes/features in version 13 and 14, it was time to update the server.

We are on the path to stability with backups! Before each and any major update, we make sure to backup the server so that none of your work is lost! We will be testing some more of the server’s handling every couple of days to make sure that you all have the smoothest experience. However, just to notify you ahead of time, the newer Minecraft Versions are somewhat unstable with Spigot/Bukkit so it is still a work in progress.

If any issues happen to occur, notify us immediately since there may still be some instability with Spigot. There are still a couple of last things we have to resolve but you should be good to play once again. If you are not whitelisted on the server, give us a heads up with your IGN and then you’ll be on your way to play!