For those of you who want to allow others to connect to your Minecraft server more easily, instead of using a long IP Address, you can attach a domain name and let other players connect to your server much more easily!

Ever since purchasing the XeneCraft domain name, I’ve been wondering how to put it more to use instead of just having it be a cool point for our website. It seems like a lot of the “top” servers out there all have their own domain names and they were all able to map their server IPs within their DNS, so why not have a try at it?

Step 1

The whole process of mapping your server IP Address to your Domain Name is actually quite simple! Using your Registrar’s DNS service, you can easily set it up with a simple “A Record!” For XeneCraft, we use Namecheap, who has been a pretty cool service around the whole gaming community.

Step 2

Within the Dashboad, you can see all the domains on your own account. I’ve removed some of the other information regarding other domains within my account but you can see a general gist of things on here. Next up, click the Manage Button and you’ll see another screen below.

Step 3

On this screen, you can see even more information about your Domain Name. For our case to configure the server settings, we simply go to the Advanced DNS that you see on the menu above.

Step 4

Now on your Host Records, it’s simply a matter of adding a new record. You can see a bunch of records that we already have already mapped for our domain (and maybe some filler ones too). In the case of the Minecraft Server IP, select ‘A Record’ from the dropdown menu on “Add Record,” then for ‘Host’ you can put any subdomain that you’d like play for or, then in ‘IP Address’ put your Server IP Address. Once that’s done, save the changes and wait a bit for the records to update throughout the net.

Step 5

Now, all your players can simply put in whatever you host record you have that is prepended onto the domain name. For XeneCraft, you can use to connect to our server and join the family! If you thought this quick post was helpful, give us a shoutout and let us know if you’d like to see more from the team!
Xenecraft Setting