Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
Another mini-update for our players. Hope you’re all having an awesome new year. We’ll be keeping in line with more of the updates that Mojang, the Spigot Team, and individual plugin developers release. The Xenecraft Team is always trying to ensure stability on our servers with all the various plugins and security that we have. Though we may not always be available in-game, we will be sure to resolve any issues that you may have!

Xenecraft will continue running without any interruptions. For our players, all work is backed up to make sure that progess is never lost on any builds or journeys in the server. We’ve learned a lot from running servers and playing around with Bukkit in the past, now the team is more experienced with running things now. We appreciate you playing on our server and continuing to build up what was once a barren land (aside from the randomly generated terrain, haha).

If you’re interested and are not yet on our whitelist, feel free to reach out to us via any method, whether by email, via Facebook, etc! We’ll be sure to get you in ASAP and welcome you into our server.