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  • 1.18.1 Holiday Update

    Hey Players!
    It’s been a long time coming once again, especially following the log4j exploit that had been announced and circulated over the past few weeks now. Though we were were previously working off of 1.16.5, the server has successfully been migrated into 1.17.1, and then 1.18.1. In following good IT practices, a backup of the server was also made just to keep everyone’s work safe! With the changes for the updates we’ve progressed past, I’ve done another bit of cleaning with the mcaselector tool to clean up/allow chunks to regenerate if they’ve only been inhabited for less than one minute.

    For this landing site, I’ve done very tiny update and have removed the original Map page. Instead it will take you directly to the Minecraft Server’s Dynmap page as it is not safe to render HTTP pages inside of an iFrame on an HTTPS page. Though your Web Browser will likely give you a warning, even when mousing over the url, you can see our server page.

    As usual, if any issues happen to arise from this major upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact us via any channels and we’ll try and figure it out for you! Thanks for continuing to play on Xenecraft and build such awesome creations!

  • 1.16.1 Update Resolution

    Hey Players!
    It’s been a long time coming but we are finally (seemingly) on a stable version of 1.16.1. In the process of trying to upgrade the server, I’ve gone down an endless rabbit hole of research in trying to get everything up-to-date. With my role as a server manager, from every new major Minecraft Version that Mojang releases, it’s necessary to do a --forceUpgrade or else things could get really messy with incompatibility. It’s also a responsibility to make sure all the various plugins are current or that any issues that get logged in the server console are mitigated.

    Over the span of this entire week, some frustration, many hours of research, long build times, and testing copies of your server, I’ve come across two amazing tools, mcaselector and Minecraft Region Fixer. With the help of these two applications, I was able to delete the corrupted chunks, and chunks that haven’t been explored for more than 15 minutes (areas that were likely not built upon but just passed through). To the best of my ability and eyes, I’ve double checked the chunks that weren’t selected and made sure your builds were not nuked. As you can see in the screenshot below, there were a ton of errors, and this is just for the overworld (not counting the Nether and End).

    From the except below, I received many many errors with chunks having invalid positions, or even invalid tag ids. Through mcaselector, I was able to delete those chunks, but it would pop up again and again until I had used Minecraft-Region-Fixer. Just like a game of whack-a-mole, you can see that there were many occurences of this in the world, nether, and end dimension. If not for Region Fixer, it would have taken a month to properly upgrade the entire server. Thankfully the Minecraft community is good with their tools and these issues were eventually resolved.

    Over World
    [18:54:00 WARN]: Chunk [33, 42] has invalid position [33, 44]
    [18:53:57 WARN]: Chunk [-2, 34] has invalid position [-27, 51]
    [12:53:59 WARN]: Chunk [34, 59] has invalid position [60, 57]
    [13:06:27 WARN]: Chunk [-21, 809] has invalid position [-13, 809]
    [13:27:03 WARN]: Chunk [-499, -144] has invalid position [-499, -143]
    [13:39:20 WARN]: Chunk [-495, -132] has invalid position [-487, -136]
    [13:49:56 WARN]: Chunk [-61, 129] has invalid position [-33, 155]
    [22:00:30 WARN]: Chunk [-61, 154] has invalid position [-56, 143]
    [22:07:17 WARN]: Chunk [-768, -726] has invalid position [-766, -724]
    [22:07:17 ERROR]: Error upgrading world
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Chunk coordinate and serialized data do not have matching coordinates, trying to serialize coordinate [-768, -726] but compound says coordinate is [-766, -724] for an unknown world
            at net.minecraft.server.v1_16_R1.IChunkLoader.write( ~[patched_1.16.1.jar:git-Paper-91]
            at net.minecraft.server.v1_16_R1.IChunkLoader.a( ~[patched_1.16.1.jar:git-Paper-91]
            at net.minecraft.server.v1_16_R1.WorldUpgrader.i( ~[patched_1.16.1.jar:git-Paper-91]
            at Source) [?:1.8.0_261]
    [22:17:17 WARN]: Chunk [-1250075, 1250305] has invalid position [-1250066, 1250305]
    [22:22:59 INFO]: 25% completed (88519 / 346932 chunks)...
    [22:22:59 ERROR]: Error upgrading chunk [-110, -94]
    [22:22:59 WARN]: Chunk [-106, -95] has invalid position [-108, -94]
    [22:26:59 INFO]: 29% completed (101493 / 343941 chunks)...
    [22:26:59 WARN]: Chunk [-104, 146] has invalid position [-103, 141]
    [18:54:18 WARN]: Chunk [-117, 73] has invalid position [-117, 78]
    [12:16:33 WARN]: Chunk [-117, 73] has invalid position [-117, 77]
    End World
    [18:54:26 WARN]: Chunk [-31, 23] has invalid position [-30, 9]
    [13:18:59 WARN]: Chunk [-9, 2] has invalid position [-10, -16]
    [13:39:27 WARN]: Chunk [24, 21] has invalid position [14, 3]

    It seems that over the years of this server running, from some potential neglect of our previous provider, certain areas of the world were indeed corrupted and causing us some large issues. There were crashes, times where our server ran out of space because Hosts would share the Xenecraft’s storage with other servers. There could have been hiccups with plugins, crashing when you visited certain areas, and other unfun things that even I may not even be aware about. Now with our host being DedicatedMC, there have not been any crashes or hiccups that could cause chunks to corrupt (plus newer version of Java Minecraft having better chunk saving support).

    What does all this mean for you? Now, your experience should be much smoother with potential surprises.

    • Coming all the way from version 1.12 to 1.16, many areas of the map can now be re-explored and you can see some really cool regenerated regions.
    • For creatives out there, issues with Command Blocks have also been resolved, you should now be able to use them without any issue!
    • The (Dynmap) World Map has also been reset and can be re-explored once again to display your awesome creations.

    If any issues happen to arise from this major upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try and figure it out.

  • 2020 Website Restyling

    Heya Xeney-Crafters and Visitors!
    I’ve just deployed a better restyling of the site. In my own personal taste, this was overdue for the longest while and relevant information is present to you, the viewer! More content fills the page as desires and more of the redundant and extraneous pages have been removed or relocated.

    Old New

    Speaking in regards to the Minecraft Server itself, we will try and keep up to date with the latests and most stable versions of Minecraft that are release. Note that because our server is running on a Paper Client which also relies upon Spigot, we will not always be able to update to the most immediate verson should Mojang make any large releases. I do follow the release announcements and feature changes and so I’m keeping my eye on the progression of version 1.16. However, you can always check the Server Information with our Discord bot or on the right side panel.

  • And into 1.15.1!

    Heya Xeney-Crafters,
    We’ve just updated the server to the most recent version 1.15.1, as you can see in the sidebar. This newest version brings much more stability and performance to your experience. The 1.14 release was known as one of the worst performing releases yet and with this updated to PaperMC as a fork of Spigot, we should see better results overall. This is just a brief update post to notify you all more about our progress and the slow trickle as we attempt to stay up-to-date with feature and functionality.

    Again, if any issues occur, notify us immediately since there may still be some instability with the newest release of Buzzy Bees. If you are not whitelisted on the server, give us a heads up with your IGN and then you’ll be on your way to play!

  • A Slow Comeback in 2019

    Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
    We’ve just updated the server to the most recent version 14.4, as you can see in the sidebar. With people expressing interesting in playing once again, plus the release of many major fixes/features in version 13 and 14, it was time to update the server.

    We are on the path to stability with backups! Before each and any major update, we make sure to backup the server so that none of your work is lost! We will be testing some more of the server’s handling every couple of days to make sure that you all have the smoothest experience. However, just to notify you ahead of time, the newer Minecraft Versions are somewhat unstable with Spigot/Bukkit so it is still a work in progress.

    If any issues happen to occur, notify us immediately since there may still be some instability with Spigot. There are still a couple of last things we have to resolve but you should be good to play once again. If you are not whitelisted on the server, give us a heads up with your IGN and then you’ll be on your way to play!

  • Hello from late 2018!

    Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
    Here’s one update you haven’t expected in awhile. Just wanted to give you all a heads up regarding the server. It is still up and running and you are all free to join it as you would like. (Assuming that you are present on the whitelist, as we still want to prevent hackers and griefers from runining your creations.)

    Regarding the release of Update Aquatic or 13.0, the Xenecraft Team are still looking into implementing it soon. Because the server is using Spigot, we want to keep everything fairly stable and at the moment, though updates are available we have decided not to do the upgrade yet at the risk of losing our players’ work. The Team is keeping an eye out for the releases that the Spigot team is outputting and we will be updating as soon as we see a great chance where everything looks good. If you’d like to check on the Spigot Team’s forum posts, you can also see them over here! We want the experience to remain constant, and we want you all to still have fun with the hard work that you’ve done!

    If you’re interested or want to check us out further, let us know via our email or any of the other avenues listed on the contact page. The Team will definitely try to respond to you when we can!

  • Continuity into 2017

    Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
    Another mini-update for our players. Hope you’re all having an awesome new year. We’ll be keeping in line with more of the updates that Mojang, the Spigot Team, and individual plugin developers release. The Xenecraft Team is always trying to ensure stability on our servers with all the various plugins and security that we have. Though we may not always be available in-game, we will be sure to resolve any issues that you may have!

    Xenecraft will continue running without any interruptions. For our players, all work is backed up to make sure that progess is never lost on any builds or journeys in the server. We’ve learned a lot from running servers and playing around with Bukkit in the past, now the team is more experienced with running things now. We appreciate you playing on our server and continuing to build up what was once a barren land (aside from the randomly generated terrain, haha).

    If you’re interested and are not yet on our whitelist, feel free to reach out to us via any method, whether by email, via Facebook, etc! We’ll be sure to get you in ASAP and welcome you into our server.

  • Whitelisting On!

    Hey Crafters,
    Just a big heads up for any old, new, and potential players! We’ve made the decision to whitelist the server. Its been a great few months, meeting new players and seeing what they create on the server. We would like everyone to continue playing with us. Message us on Facebook. if you’d like to drop in. If you know anyone that would also like to join the server in the future they are welcome to join! Just give us a heads up!

  • Valentine's Day Event

    Creeper Love Creepers are going around stealing heads from players to give to their loved ones. St. Valentine needs your help to collect the heads back from these mischievous creatures.

    Each “head” is worth 100 credits which you can bring to St. Valentines which you can train for Cupid’s Bow (Infinity Enchanted) and Love Potions (Splash Potion of Instant Health and Regeneration)

    Cupid’s Bow is 1000 Credits Love Potion Is 50 Credits

    Collect as many heads as you can and bring them to St. Valentine who lives on top of the Tower of Love.

    You can get to the Tower of Love from the Event Isle. Remember You can /spawn and step on the warp panel.

    This event will go on until the end of February.

    BONUS: Player with the MOST Creepers killed will get a secret prize.


    ~for love~

  • Mapping a Minecraft Server IP to a Domain Name

    For those of you who want to allow others to connect to your Minecraft server more easily, instead of using a long IP Address, you can attach a domain name and let other players connect to your server much more easily!

  • Getting Started on XeneCraft

    UPDATE: Please note that this article is now about 4 years old, we have moved to a new spawnpoint in the world and the screenshots will be different than before! The steps to connect are still the same!

  • Happy New Year From XeneCraft!!

    Hello Crafters!
    new years