• Hello from late 2018!

    Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
    Here’s one update you haven’t expected in awhile. Just wanted to give you all a heads up regarding the server. It is still up and running and you are all free to join it as you would like. (Assuming that you are present on the whitelist, as we still want to prevent hackers and griefers from runining your creations.)

    Regarding the release of Update Aquatic or 13.0, the Xenecraft Team are still looking into implementing it soon. Because the server is using Spigot, we want to keep everything fairly stable and at the moment, though updates are available we have decided not to do the upgrade yet at the risk of losing our players’ work. The Team is keeping an eye out for the releases that the Spigot team is outputting and we will be updating as soon as we see a great chance where everything looks good. If you’d like to check on the Spigot Team’s forum posts, you can also see them over here! We want the experience to remain constant, and we want you all to still have fun with the hard work that you’ve done!

    If you’re interested or want to check us out further, let us know via our email or any of the other avenues listed on the contact page. The Team will definitely try to respond to you when we can!

  • Continuity into 2017

    Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
    Another mini-update for our players. Hope you’re all having an awesome new year. We’ll be keeping in line with more of the updates that Mojang, the Spigot Team, and individual plugin developers release. The Xenecraft Team is always trying to ensure stability on our servers with all the various plugins and security that we have. Though we may not always be available in-game, we will be sure to resolve any issues that you may have!

    Xenecraft will continue running without any interruptions. For our players, all work is backed up to make sure that progess is never lost on any builds or journeys in the server. We’ve learned a lot from running servers and playing around with Bukkit in the past, now the team is more experienced with running things now. We appreciate you playing on our server and continuing to build up what was once a barren land (aside from the randomly generated terrain, haha).

    If you’re interested and are not yet on our whitelist, feel free to reach out to us via any method, whether by email, via Facebook, etc! We’ll be sure to get you in ASAP and welcome you into our server.

  • Whitelisting On!

    Hey Crafters,
    Just a big heads up for any old, new, and potential players! We’ve made the decision to whitelist the server. Its been a great few months, meeting new players and seeing what they create on the server. We would like everyone to continue playing with us. Message us on Facebook. if you’d like to drop in. If you know anyone that would also like to join the server in the future they are welcome to join! Just give us a heads up!

  • Valentine's Day Event

    Creeper Love Creepers are going around stealing heads from players to give to their loved ones. St. Valentine needs your help to collect the heads back from these mischievous creatures.

    Each “head” is worth 100 credits which you can bring to St. Valentines which you can train for Cupid’s Bow (Infinity Enchanted) and Love Potions (Splash Potion of Instant Health and Regeneration)

    Cupid’s Bow is 1000 Credits Love Potion Is 50 Credits

    Collect as many heads as you can and bring them to St. Valentine who lives on top of the Tower of Love.

    You can get to the Tower of Love from the Event Isle. Remember You can /spawn and step on the warp panel.

    This event will go on until the end of February.

    BONUS: Player with the MOST Creepers killed will get a secret prize.


    ~for love~

  • Mapping a Minecraft Server IP to a Domain Name

    For those of you who want to allow others to connect to your Minecraft server more easily, instead of using a long IP Address, you can attach a domain name and let other players connect to your server much more easily!

  • Getting Started on XeneCraft

    For those of you who are stepping into a Minecraft world for the first time, things may seem difficult or overwhelming. For XeneCraft, you can jump straight into playing and do whatever you desire. For those who may need help setting up and getting started, this is the guide for you!

    1. From the Minecraft start screen, click on the Multiplayer button and then click "Add Server."
    2. Step 1
    3. You should see this screen pop up and simply fill out the information in the "Server Address" with play.xenecraft.com the same as in the picture below.
    4. Step 2
    5. Now you can join the server and when you first log in, your will be blooped down into the spawn area. Read the rules!
    6. Step 3
    7. Once you exit the spawn building, you'll be given a Wooden Pickaxe and a Wooden Sword to help you on your journey.
    8. Step 4
    9. Now you can choose to explore the town, settle around, make some friends, or go further and create your own awesome village. The adventurous choice is yours!
    10. Step 5
  • Happy New Year From XeneCraft!!

    Hello Crafters!
    new years