Hello Crafters!
new years

Well another year has come and gone and what a year it has been! A lot of things happened on our server in 2014. Though not all of them were pleasant, I believe the good truly outweighed the bad.

To date we have NINE beta testers and TWO regular admins. Day and night they crafted, mined, adventured and SURVIVED. Sure, there were some casualties here and there but we all know it’s all part of the experience. Our beta testers have shown us the capacity of our server, breaking it here and there. And though we have reached a time where we feel we can start opening our doors, there’s a nagging feeling that maybe we should hold out a little longer. There are still some bugs that need to be figured out but none so bad that we can’t handle it with some time (c’mon Spigot, we need that update!).

So far our testers enjoy having a PEACEFUL server that prevents the following:

-Griefing [be sure to claim your lands]

-Firespread [that was really painful for some]

-Explosions [it was fun but then creepers became very malicious and jealous of the artwork]

-Lag [our plugin removes entities that could cause lag such as too many mobs or items lying around]

Our testers’ ages are between 5 and 30 so you know we’re family friendly. So if you want a server where you can interact with fun, polite, and family-oriented people, our server might be a good fit.

When will we open our server to the public? We don’t know yet. Be sure to check back with us and hopefully in the near future we’ll be crafting and adventuring together.

Looking forward to a GREAT 2015 on XeneCraft! Happy New Year!