Heya Xeeny-Crafters,
Here’s one update you haven’t expected in awhile. Just wanted to give you all a heads up regarding the server. It is still up and running and you are all free to join it as you would like. (Assuming that you are present on the whitelist, as we still want to prevent hackers and griefers from runining your creations.)

Regarding the release of Update Aquatic or 13.0, the Xenecraft Team are still looking into implementing it soon. Because the server is using Spigot, we want to keep everything fairly stable and at the moment, though updates are available we have decided not to do the upgrade yet at the risk of losing our players’ work. The Team is keeping an eye out for the releases that the Spigot team is outputting and we will be updating as soon as we see a great chance where everything looks good. If you’d like to check on the Spigot Team’s forum posts, you can also see them over here! We want the experience to remain constant, and we want you all to still have fun with the hard work that you’ve done!

If you’re interested or want to check us out further, let us know via our email or any of the other avenues listed on the contact page. The Team will definitely try to respond to you when we can!