Hey Players!
It’s been a long time coming once again, especially following the log4j exploit that had been announced and circulated over the past few weeks now. Though we were were previously working off of 1.16.5, the server has successfully been migrated into 1.17.1, and then 1.18.1. In following good IT practices, a backup of the server was also made just to keep everyone’s work safe! With the changes for the updates we’ve progressed past, I’ve done another bit of cleaning with the mcaselector tool to clean up/allow chunks to regenerate if they’ve only been inhabited for less than one minute.

For this landing site, I’ve done very tiny update and have removed the original Map page. Instead it will take you directly to the Minecraft Server’s Dynmap page as it is not safe to render HTTP pages inside of an iFrame on an HTTPS page. Though your Web Browser will likely give you a warning, even when mousing over the url, you can see our server page.

As usual, if any issues happen to arise from this major upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact us via any channels and we’ll try and figure it out for you! Thanks for continuing to play on Xenecraft and build such awesome creations!