Server Rules

  1. Be polite to everyone
  2. No stealing or griefing
  3. Do not spam or advertise
  4. Listen to Moderators. No begging at all, but trades are welcome!
  5. Any bad behaviour will lead to a kick or ban
  6. If warped back to spawn, ask a moderator nicely for help
  7. Happy Mining!

Helpful Commands

To make your crafting life easier, we’ve implemented these commands! Explore more of the world and keep your home safe!

  • /sethome or /home - to set your home without using a bed
  • /tpa - teleport to player
  • /spawn - teleport back to spawn

Land Claims

Want to protect your land from griefers? Check out this Youtube video for more information on the feature implemented into our server! It may be wonky at first, but if you’re having trouble, feel free to ask one of our moderators!

Grief Prevention Commands

  • /abandonclaim
  • /claimslist
  • /trust [player]
  • /untrust [player]
  • /containertrust [player]
  • /accesstrust [player]
  • /trustlist